The studio is open only on appointments from Monday to Friday

  • mornings between 11am and 2pm

  • evenings between 5pm and 8pm




Guided sessions


People are led by words and gesture all the time. Corrections are made instantly by words, gestures and touch. In this period of covid-19, however, touch contact is minimized.


 Solo                                                      50 min                             30 min

 1 session                                            500 dhs                           300 dhs

 Book of 5 s                                       2400 dhs                         1450 dhs

 Book of 10 s                                     4500 dhs                         2700 dhs

 Duo                                                       50 min                              30 min

 1 session                                         350 dhs/pers.                    200 dhs/pers.

 Book of 5 s                                   1650 dhs/pers.                    950 dhs/pers.

 Book of 10 s                                3000 dhs/pers.                  1800 dhs/pers.

Autonomous sessions


The Autonomous Studio can accommodate up to 3 people at the same time who take turns on the different apparatus. During covid 19, this number is limited to 2 people at a time. The teacher therefore gives herself the right to give the same time slot as you even if you have opted for solo to another person with whom you will alternate on the apparatus. Time priority is given to guided sessions during reservations; This is why autonomous sessions should be booked only the day before but not earlier. Only people who have completed a minimum of 30 guided sessions will be able to choose formulas with autonomous sessions. Before their first autonomous session, people will receive a personalized program containing the exercises already practiced in guided sessions, with the exercises names, a small drawing next to them, the indications for the material and the number of repetitions. The teacher is present to orchestrate the allocation of apparatus and for security issues only. It is important to note that instructions and corrections are only given in guided sessions, because the goal of those autonomous sessions is to develop the autonomy of the people in their pilates practice. Of course, it is recommended that people continue to take guided sessions so that the teacher can make them evolve into new exercises for their autonomous practice.


Solo                                                 50 min                                   30 min

 1 session                                        250 dhs                                  150 dhs

 Book of 5 s                                  1200 dhs                                  720 dhs

 Book of 10 s                                2300 dhs                                1400 dhs

Duo                                                 50 min                                     30 min

 1 session                                    200 dhs/pers.                           120 dhs/pers.

 Book of 5 s                               950 dhs/pers.                           580 dhs/pers.

 Book of 10 s                           1800 dhs/pers.                         1100 dhs/pers.


  • The new registrants must take first 1 session, then a book of 5, at the end of which they can take books of 10

  • Delays are deducted from the normal time allocated to the session 

  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance otherwise the session is due or counted in the book.

  • The book of 5 expire 2 months after the purchase date,1 session from the book can be offered to family and friends

  • The book of 10 expire 4 months after the purchase date, 2 sessions from the book can be offered to family and friends

  • The unit sessions and books are payable in advance

  • The sessions and books are nominative and not refundable

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