The Pilates Method


The Pilates Method or Contrology is a physical and mental training program that consider the body and the mind as a unit. The mouvements and postures of Pilates, some of which are realized on specific apparels, aim to get a corporal harmony and balance. It is an effective and complete method that doesn't need any complementary therapy or discipline.

Its benefits

The Authentic Pilates  method allows to:

  • correct the posture

  • gain control, strength and  et flexibility, without adding muscular mass

  • prevent lesions et rehabilitate from old ones

  • practice exercices in spite of existing lesions

  • alleviate physiological pains

  • improve the respiration

  • get ready for birthing and founs back your abs after 

  • optimize athletes performance

  • develop corporal awareness

  • improve body aesthetic



For whom?

Pilates is for everyone:

  • Men and Women

  • Women in pre-natal and post-natal

  • Teenagers older than 14, adults and seniors

  • People in underweight and overweight

  • People with backache: lumbar pain, dorsal or cervical pain, hyperlordosis,

  • cyphosis, straightness of the spine, scoliosis, herniated disc, neuralgia...

  • People with heart or lungs troubles: asthma, hypotension or hypertension...

  • People in rehabilitation or physical rehabilitation

  • People wishing to train after a long period of inactivity

  • Athletes wishing to gain performance

Who is Joseph Humbertus Pilates?

Joseph H. Pilates, the inventor of the method, was born in Germany and immigrated to the United States. He devoted his life to the development of a method of exercises accessible to all, regardless of the condition of each. 


Born in Germany in 1880, it was a weak and fragile child, suffering from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. Motivated by the desire to overcome his physical limitations and gain good health, he devoted himself to the study of the human body and physical rehabilitation techniques available at that time. Disappointed by the ineffectiveness of the latter, he tackled the analysis of Eastern disciplines such as yoga, draws the best and integrates the best elements used in western disciplines such as gymnastics, boxing and swimming. Following a process of elimination, he establishes a combination of the strengths of the two regions, thus born Pilates that Joseph Pilates called Contrology. 


During World War I Joseph H. Pilates was a prisoner of war during his incarceration, he began to train other inmates and help the war-wounded get back on their feet, using springs that kept their beds to work their muscles, so they can regain muscle tone before walking again. This experience gave him a solid foundation to develop his method on apparels. These can not be carried everywhere, he later enriched with floor exercises. Joseph Pilates has dedicated his life to refine his technique. 


At the end of the war he emigrated to America, and during the trip, he met Clara, who became his wife later. Once settled in New York, he began teaching his method to a limited audience, mainly composed of great athletes and renowned dancers such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine. 


Practice has proved the effectiveness of the method, which is consolidated with the opening of the legendary Studio Drago, where Joseph Pilates continued to create new exercises. At his death, the method was taught by Clara, who then gave the direction of studio Kryzanowska Romana, a student of Joseph. 


The legacy of Joseph Pilates is a unique method designed for all kinds of people, including more than 600 exercises on a variety of specialized equipment.

Authentic Pilates

Authentic Pilates ™ is the brand that defines the most faithful to the original method developed by Joseph Pilates Humbertus practice.


The Authentic Pilates method, inherited from Romana Krysanowska ensures the correct practice of the method as transmitted by its inventor. Professors of the Authentic Pilates exercise a safe training, unlike the people who use the technique without the support of adequate training.




What is the recommended frequency?

1 to 2 sessions per week.

Can I practice Pilates while pregnant?

Absolutely. Pilates is recommended for pregnant women as their morphology increases during pregnancy and this can cause body tensions. In addition, it is important to strengthen the pelvic floor during this phase of pregnancy. Pilates is the ideal exercise method for pregnant women.

I have a strong scoliosis, is Pilates good for me?

The Pilates method includes many exercises specially designed to reduce scoliosis and the effects are guaranteed over time with good regularity.

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